Joe Piscopo Show, Tuesday, August 30th

Friday Aug 12 2016 Radio Guests
August 12, 2016

Joe Piscopo Show, Tuesday, August 30th

August 30, 2016 -

7:25- Dr. Herb London, President of the London Center for Policy Research, President Emeritus of the Hudson Institute and author of 28 books, the most recent of which is “The Encyclopedia of Militant Islam”

Topics: Russia fills the void in Turkey, Iran, radical Islam


7:40- Dr. Judy Kuriansky, world renowned clinical psychologist and certified therapist

Topic: Weiner and Huma split , Weiner caught sexting again


8:25- Kevin Jackson, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and the author of the new book “Race Pimping: the multi trillion dollar business of Liberalism”

Topic: Presidential election, Kaepernick comments, Chicago violence (and other cities)