Monday May 2, 2016 Guests

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April 29, 2016
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May 3, 2016

Monday May 2, 2016 Guests

May 2, 2016 -

6:40- Former Congressman John LeBoutillier, Republican from New York, the author of “Harvard Hates America” and the co-host of “Political Insiders” on the Fox News Channel

Topic: political news of the day


7:25- Dr. Herb London, President of the London Center for Policy Research, President Emeritus of the Hudson Institute and author of 27 books

Topics: Trump’s foreign policy speech, Bombing of Afghan hospital, ISIS, Troops to Syria


7:40- Susan Lerner, the Executive Director of Common Cause NY, one of New York’s leading good government groups

Topic: Federal probe into De Blasio and Cuomo


8:25- Kevin Jackson, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and the author of the new book “Race Pimping: the multi trillion dollar business of Liberalism”

Topic: racial slurs at White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Will Ferrell drops out of Reagan movie, Black Lives Matter


8:40- Mike Gallagher, radio talk show host, heard every morning at 9, live from New York

Topic: show preview, news of the day