Today’s Guests On AM 970 Radio:

Sands Event Center
March 1, 2016
Today’s Guests On AM 970 Radio:
March 11, 2016

Today’s Guests On AM 970 Radio:

March 10, 2016 -

6:40- *Dr. Rock Positano* and *Dr. Brian Halpern*, of the Hospital for Special Surgery. They host “Live from New York” every Saturday afternoon on AM 970 THE ANSWER
Topic: Joe Piscopo’s hypochondriac corner

7:25- *Juan Williams*, Fox News political analyst
Topic: Presidential race, House of Cards

7:40- *Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb*, Republican Leader of the New York State Assembly,
Topic: corruption in Albany, taxes, the NY economy, rebuilding the GOP in NY

8:25- *Jeffrey Lord*, a former member of the Reagan administration, who served as White House Associate Political Director.  He’s a CNN contributor and the author of a new book called “What America Needs: The Case for Trump”
Topic: Nancy Reagan funeral, the rise of Trump