Today’s Guests On AM 970 Radio:

Today’s Guests On AM 970 Radio:
April 21, 2016
Tuesday April 26, 2016
April 26, 2016

Today’s Guests On AM 970 Radio:

April 22, 2016 -

6:40Gary Goldberg, the host of “Money Matters with Gary Goldberg” on AM 970 THE ANSWER, which is heard Saturday afternoons at 3PM

Topic: Business breakfast on May 3rd

7:25Jeffrey Lyons, the world’s greatest film critic and a baseball historian

Topic: movies this week

7:40Paul Manafort, veteran Republican political consultant and now a senior advisor to the Trump campaign

Topic: Trump campaign, Presidential race

8:25Bobby Rydell, legendary rock and roll singer

Topics: his career, the life and legacy of Prince

8:40Mike Gallagher, radio talk show host, heard every morning at 9 on AM 970 THE ANSWER

Topic: show preview, news of the day