Wednesday April 27, 2016 Guests

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Wednesday April 27, 2016 Guests

April 27, 2016 -

6:40 — Joe Grano, CEO of Centurion Holdings, Business strategy consultant, Chairman of Root9B Technologies

Topic: Elections and the economy

7:25 — John Bolton, Lawyer, Author, USA Ambassador to United Nations by President George W. Bush,

Topic: National security, Obama sending troops in Syria

7:40 — Denise Richardson, Media personality, Spokeswoman and social connector

Topic: Business Breakfast

8:25 —Robert McFarlane, former National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, Leading architect of the Strategic Defense Initiative: Defending the U.S. against missile attacks

Topic: Kasich, Syria

8:40 — Michael Longoria, Broadway Star, Played a leading role,Frankie Valli, in the Broadway show Jersey Boys, Singer/songwriter

Topic: Michael’s new album “Broadway Brick by Brick”