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Wednesday June 29 2016 Radio Guests

January 18, 2019 -

6:40- Kenneth R. Timmerman, conservative activist, longtime middle eastern correspondent and author of the book ““Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Ben­ghazi”

Topic: Benghazi report


7:25- Former NJ Governor Dick Codey, a member of the State Senate

Topic: NJ gas tax increase, sales tax reduction


7:40- Commissioner Bernard Kerik, former NYPD Commissioner, former NYC Corrections Commissioner, a man who worked for two and a half years in Saudi Arabia as a Security Officer and the former Interim Minister of Interior in Iraq.  His book is, “From Jailer to Jailed”

Topic: Istanbul attack


8:25- Dick Morris, longtime political consultant, former Clinton advisor and author of the book “Armageddon: How Trump can Beat Hillary”

Topic: Presidential campaign, Benghazi, his book